August 22nd – 26th

Uppsala, Sweden

Courses (miniaturegolf)

Hole 1 – Sloped circle with kidney

Falls to the right after the obstacle.
(1) Right board with 40-50cm.
(2) Dead ball inside the obstacle.
(3) Straight with any ball.

Hole 2 – Truncated cones

Mirrored (1st cone on the left). Right side of the hole with 15-20cm.

Hole 3 – Straight lane without obstacles

Play right side of the hole.
(1) Straight with 25cm from a bit to the right.
(2) Right board with 40-45cm from the middle.

Hole 4 – Flat loop

Either play a 8-10cm ball for wider slower line in the green or 12-15cm harder for straighter line.

Hole 5 – Plateau

Any ball.


Hole 6 – Double waves

Both sides work. X-ball or smooth R, slower ball for the right side.

Hole 7 – Straight lane with target window

Falls slightly to the right. 10-15cm.


Hole 8 – Bridge

(1) Left to right with a traditional hard bridge ball, extra chance if you miss on the left side.
(2) Right to left with a faster hard bridge ball almost no extra chance.

Hole 9 – Middle hill

Falls a lot to the left.


Hole 10 – Salto

Normal shot with spin. Either play 4-6cm KX/KR or 2-4 cm GL.

Hole 11 – Labyrinth



Hole 12 – Pipe

Normal pipe ball.

Hole 13 – Pyramids

Green falls to the left.
(1) Off the 2nd pyramid with 20-25cm.
(2) Off the 1st pyramid with 30-35cm.


Hole 14 – Wedge with target window

Big opening. Falls to the left.
(1) 35-45cm just off the left side of the hole and straight line from the back board.
(2) 5-10cm a bit off the left side of the hole and a wider line to the hole.

Hole 15 – Sticks

Mirrored (3rd stick on the right). 30-50cm slow shot on the left side of the hole.

Hole 16 – Passages

Play through the middle with slightly harder 20-30cm ball that can go in from the right side of the hole.

Hole 17 – Lightning

(1) Straight shot with slight spin, 2-4cm.
(2) Normal 2-board shot with smooth KR, 45-50cm.

Hole 18 – Angle

Falls to the right after the obstacle and in the green.
(1) Straight to the angle with KX/KR 40-50cm.
(2) 3-board with 30-35cm KR.